Company Activity

To carry out all petroleum business activities, including the purchase of liquidated marketing, importation, exportation of petroleum distribution, including crude oil and petroleum products, its derivatives at home and abroad, implementation of commercial and industrial projects, land and utilities reform, transport and water, import and trade of materials and equipment

Company Establishment Date

The Company was established in accordance with the Saudi Companies Law as a Saudi joint stock company and registered in the Commercial Register No. 4030003334 on 19/12/1379 H corresponding to 14/06/1960 .

Company Projects

The company has participated in the following projects:

- Contribution to the Saudi Industrial Investment Group :
The company owns the shares of the Saudi Industrial Investment Group with a share of 3.38% and a number of (15,194,480) shares.

- Contribution to Tabuk Cement Company :
Tabuk Company is a Saudi joint stock company with a capital of SR 900,000,000 (nine hundred million riyals), in which the company contributes one million,fifty thousand riyal (1,050,000 SR) in one hundred and twenty-eight thousand five hundred and seventy-one shares (128,571 shares).

- Participation with Arab Tanker Company Limited :
The capital of the Arab Tanker Company Limited amounts to SR 90,677,400 only ninety million six hundred and seventy seven thousand four hundred riyals. The company's share in the company (24,482,898 riyals) by 27%. The company is engaged in the storage, mixing, packaging and keeping of chemical, petrochemical, petroleum and petroleum products to others.

- Participation with the Saudi Company for Industrial Silphons :
The capital of the Arab Company for Silvones Limited in Jeddah Industrial City (SR 17,350,000) is only seventeen million three hundred and fifty thousand riyals. The company's share in the company (SR 5,899,000) is 34%. The Arab Silphon Company produces a variety of sulfonate used in the manufacture of detergents, shampoos and cleaning fluids of various uses. It also sells its products locally and internationally and currently exports to some countries outside the Kingdom in addition to the local market.

- Contribution to Riyad Bank :
Riyadh Refineries Company (2400) shares.

Financial Year End

The Company's financial year ends on December 31 of each year.


The United Accountants (RSM) reviews the financial statements of the company each year